Auto rotation on Asus T102HA

Hello guys,

does anyone have experience with auto rotation on tablets?

I have a Asus T102HA tablet on which I had ubuntu gnome installed, where everything worked out-of-the-box. Auto rotation as well. I just got quite bored because everything was quite slow, therefore I thought I try ubuntu budgie.

Everything - except auto rotation - seems to work well and very responsive. Sadly, I havent found a source how I can get auto rotation to work.

Thank you!

Try adding the rotation applet from budgie desktop settings to your panel - see if toggling the applet makes rotation work.

In theory budgie should behave just like gnome-shell since they share the same window manager.

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I have tried that already. Interestingly when I boot the Live-USB ist works flawlessly.

Sounds like an update has broken things. Guessing a kernel update.

Try booting an earlier kernel via grub.

it doesnt is the case. I have tried now different kernel - newer and older. Auto rotation doesn’t work either with those.

Well, I have rotated the screen to panorama mode with xrandr, which makes it usable.

$ xrandr -q
$ xrandr --output DSI-1 --rotate right

I hope I will get auto-rotation fixed some day.

Nevertheless I like the system very much. Its very responsive and the touchscreen works well as well. :call_me_hand: