I love this desktop

I just wanted to say I’ve been using Linux since the old, old, old days, and have used various distros with various desktops. Budgie is by far my favorite, and you guys nailed it. I can’t imagine not using Budgie at this point, and I always tell others.

Keep it up!


You are most welcome.

Tell everyone. Spread the news :grinning:


I like Budgie very much. An interesting feature is that screen rotation is built in for “2n1” laptops. That was a hassle to get going on Kubuntu, although I eventually got it to work. Presently I’m only running it on a persistent USB stick as I’ve had trouble with GRUB2 when trying to install it on an alternate partition on the main SSD drive. Don’t really know the cure. I tried to reinstall GRUB with minimal success.

Full ack here!

I’m also very glad, Budgie became an official Ubuntu flavour. I never really liked Ubuntus Unitiy or its successor Gnome 3, Before I discovered Budgie I stuck with xfce/Xubuntu.
I don’t need a fancy appearance and tons of settings for my desktop environment distracting me from getting stuff done :wink: I like it plain and intuitive.