Budgie added to Ubuntu versus Ubuntu Budgie

I’ve installed Ubuntu 20.04 as a fresh install, and I’ve added Budgie. I’m 50/50 about wiping again and installing from a Ubuntu Budgie iso.

What are the pros and cons of either approach please?

Pros is that you get the setup the UB team recognise and can support you.

Any other combination we have to guess at since we don’t use or test that combination.

Ubuntu Budgie Is Newer, Faster, Lighter, Safer, Smoother, Private & Trusted.

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Cool :grinning: Makes sense re Budgie UI.

Though in relation to the part of Ubuntu that is not the Budgie UI, it’s newer etc., than the official Ubuntu repos? [Citation needed] :smiley:

I used to run the Budgie along with Gnome and used Budgie all the time anyway , so here I am. :smiley:

I tried a fresh install but I’ve had problems with the Live USB. I’ve filed a bug report

Dear, What Software You Are Using To Make Your Flash Drive Bootable… Rufus? @BFG

It was made using dd.

Thanks all for helping. It turned out be be bad USB hardware. The download was sound, the USB creation was OK, though a bit slower than usual. I replaced the USB with another and the problems did not reappear.

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Ubuntu Budgie Is Newer, Faster, Lighter, Safer, Smoother, Private & Trusted.

So, I did actually believe this statement. I presumed it was backed up by a considerable user-base and support community.

I’ve tried Budgie for a few months now on about 6 different machines with multi-users setups and I’m afraid I have to conclude that the above just feels like empty marketing words. It sounds good, but I’ve seen no evidence.

I wish I had installed Budgie over stock Ubuntu so that I could switch interfaces, as it’s not for me.

I wish the budgie team well and I hope everything grows. Budgie is a great dream. But it’s too “beta” for me, and as and end-user, unfortunately it’s a little frustrating that almost every support request doesn’t result in a solution, instead the response is always an invitation to get really involved in my own fix somehow, which is not what I need from a distro.

Anyway I wish you guys all the best in developing Budgie and I’ll no doubt check in again in the future at some point.

Perhaps this is useful feedback - Drop the brand names for parts of the UI., E.g. plank, raven, budgie welcome, all the alternative menu items that all call themselves a variation of “menu”. This makes budgie look fractured and also makes finding support an uphill struggle.

I really should not have to care that the right-side menu is called “raven”. Call it right side menu. I like that top panel is called top panel. That is good. But having to know that dock is called plank, and for some reason has settings that can’t be accesses from the desktop settings menu where “raven” settings are., Etc. anyway you get the idea.

All the best :slight_smile:

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Not to sound bitter but did you get billed for installing and using UbuntuBudgie ? It’s a community project mostly driven by volunteers, same for « support », it’s volunteers.

Here you can directly talk to some dev’s in charge of the UbuntuBudgie parts.
And sometimes it becomes blurry to narrow down if a problem is UbuntuBudgie specific ( mostly applets and integration into Ubuntu ), or should be reported towards « general » Ubuntu/Canonical team ( for core things ) or towards Solus team ( from where comes the Budgie desktop environment ).

Ubuntu Budgie Is Newer, Faster, Lighter, Safer, Smoother, Private & Trusted.
Well, these words belong to @FireBird9 and are just that, words from an enthusiast person. They are not an official brand statement or any kind of contract.

I may agree about the names of app’s but it’s not Budgie specific, it’s quite a Linux habit rooted in its history and shape, kinda. Let’s take Plank as an example. Plank might be installed on any Linux system, not only on UBudgie. But you have some others docks available for Linux. Plank is always that one. You can’t just call it « dock » as it might create confusion when needing support. And same goes for all app’s…

Some distros ( or just DE ) may offer a better streamlined UX, some care less about streamlining things but prefer to offer all and full option at every level and corner. That’s also the beauty of that mess : you are not totally « constrained » to one way of thinking your computing.

Hope you’ll have a nice journey in all the DE and distros out there, and find the one that fits your needs :wink:


I’ve installed Budgie on Ubuntu, and not Ubuntu Budgie. On 2 different machines.
I’m quite pleased with it but I don’t feel like it can become my daily driver yet. Especially since I almost always use 2 monitors and the multi-monitor is not optimal (although it’s also barely alright after adding the multi-monitor extension to Gnome).
I wouldn’t say beta, it’s more like release candidate, very promising but not there yet. And it’s alright, Budgie doesn’t have the long history of Gnome or KDE, it is not as mature. Only time will make it get there.
I really like how the user is empowered and given some limited choices, contrary to Gnome’s dictatorship. You can lay out Budgie to fit very different workflows which is a win for the end user (while MacOs or Gnome impose their own supposedly universal workflow to the user, they drive you rather than you drive them).
That’s why I still have high expectations for Budgie 11. It can certainly help get there with the user’s benefit in mind.

For now Budgie lives (well) alongside Gnome on my 2 machines. I hope the double GTK use won’t lead to trouble.

Regarding settings, plank is just a dock added for convenience and it’s normal that it stays as such (in settings and in name). I prefer a panel with icon task list anyway. And I like Raven as well, although Raven could be Budgie-Calendar&Notifications for all I care. This isn’t really essential.


Lovely … :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Not to sound bitter but did you get billed for installing and using UbuntuBudgie ?

Billed no. But it cost me around $2500 in unbillable time. Time I spent evaluating the distro and its support network. My choice, and I don’t regret it. I’m sure the community is strong enough to welcome all kinds of feedback, not just the praise.

Don’t put a price on your project. It never ends well. Talking about billing just makes everything cheap. Linux is priceless, which is very different from free. :slight_smile:

That part is a bit disturbing. It’s free open source software. Not necessarily free as a price tag, but as free to use, distribute, modify, study, improve, etc.
If you need 365/7/24 support with guaranteed timelines, purposes and features, you should buy such a plan from Canonical or Redhat or else.

Budgie is out of these kinds of scopes. It’s volunteers efforts both from its dev’s and users. I’m glad to help with my little knowledge here and on other Ubuntu forums, I don’t count neither bill my priceless hours spent here and there sharing tips and tricks to ( sometimes ) fix or improve things…

Am just an Ubuntu user for more than 10 years. Dev’s are on another precious and vital level. Professional or hobbyist. Of course they may be strong enough to welcome all kinds of feedback, not just the praise - not a reason to « demand » anything.

It’s give and take. Requires time, patience, sometimes a bit of frustration as any projects need skilled and available enough people to remain alive and kicking :wink:

I don’t exclude myself from being bitter or demanding sometimes - but somehow I’m also proud of the time I’m able to give « in return » sort of.