Budgie added to Ubuntu versus Ubuntu Budgie

I’ve installed Ubuntu 20.04 as a fresh install, and I’ve added Budgie. I’m 50/50 about wiping again and installing from a Ubuntu Budgie iso.

What are the pros and cons of either approach please?

Pros is that you get the setup the UB team recognise and can support you.

Any other combination we have to guess at since we don’t use or test that combination.

Ubuntu Budgie Is Newer, Faster, Lighter, Safer, Smoother, Private & Trusted.

Cool :grinning: Makes sense re Budgie UI.

Though in relation to the part of Ubuntu that is not the Budgie UI, it’s newer etc., than the official Ubuntu repos? [Citation needed] :smiley:

I used to run the Budgie along with Gnome and used Budgie all the time anyway , so here I am. :smiley:

I tried a fresh install but I’ve had problems with the Live USB. I’ve filed a bug report

Dear, What Software You Are Using To Make Your Flash Drive Bootable… Rufus? @BFG

It was made using dd.

Thanks all for helping. It turned out be be bad USB hardware. The download was sound, the USB creation was OK, though a bit slower than usual. I replaced the USB with another and the problems did not reappear.