What are you using Ubuntu Budgie for?

Hi folks,

Most of us have different use for Ubuntu Budgie that mostly depends on our everyday work , thus it is never the same for 2 users. Regardless of that it would be interesting to hear in what situation you are using Ubuntu Budgie (school, professional work, testing etc.) Aside from that it would be nice to hear on what platform are you using it, desktop or laptop.

Personally, I use Ubuntu Budgie on my desktop for testing purpose and everyday browsing and some game or two. What about you?

As a regular Ubuntu user for five years, I’ve been using Ubuntu Budgie on my laptop for personel use since it released. I also installed Gnome-Shell, Xfce, Deepin Desktop alongside to try other DEs. :slight_smile: So you can be proud of what you have done with Ubuntu Budgie and i hope it continues in the same way.


I use Ubuntu Budgie on both my personal laptop, and my work laptop.

As a webdeveloper, I like that Ubuntu/Linux just works out of the box, and only requires me to install packages like nodejs, git, and VS Code. Windows will require me to tinker for too long to get 80% of the experience, and I really hate that.

I used to rock Ubuntu Mate but I like the Budgie design way better.


I use it both professional (Sales Engineer at an StartUp) and private.
On my workstation, a laptop and a chromebook.
I do have a small NUC that used to run it too, but that has now become a Ubuntu server.
My employer has given me a 2016 MacBook Pro (touchbar/USB-C), that I hardly use and am looking at installing Ubuntu on too, but that has some issues still.

Using as personal use for about 5 years. Not missing Windows at all :slight_smile:

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Great question! While I keep my home setup (a System76 laptop hooked up up to an extra-wide screen for work and gaming) generally on a stable DE for a year or two (previously Gnome/Pop OS at 16.04, now Ubuntu Budgie since 18.04), I tend to try lots of distros on some spare older hardware or my work laptop. I loved the speed, look, and simplicity of Budgie when I first tried it on Solus a year or two ago, but for my work, but Solus Budgie couldn’t do two things for me:

  • Run Citrix (popular corporate VPM) reliably (which, I keep checking the Solus forums, I don’t think anyone has gotten that working right yet)
  • Do hot corners or expose, very handy when Citrix opens up 6 or 8 nearly identical windows at once, as is its want of handling VPM stuff…

Once I heard Ubuntu Budgie launched a hot corner applet, I could hook that up to Skippy XD for expose and was in love and off to the races. Add that to all the other great applets (screen saver, pixel-saver, and the great synced notepad). It’s perfect now for my work flow. It looks great with Pocillo, has XFCE-level speed and immediacy, gets battery life near Ubuntu Gnome (my prior and reigning battery champ), and runs Citrix perfectly, letting me fly between windows with Skippy hot corners and quickly jot things down in that notepad that’s synced with my home machine. And it’s been shockingly stable for me on home and work machines. I’m playing around with KDE 5.13 and there are some great ideas there. It’s also pretty fast and lean now, and I miss the Coverflow Alt-tab, but it has so many bugs and usability issues. If Ubuntu Budgie has masterfully sane defaults and settings, KDE is the exact opposite.

More detail than you wanted I’m sure…

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I’m using Budgie in a work and personnel environment, I run a company with 12 emploee’s and I have recently rolled out Budgie to our whole office team

Budgie is a great DE for our workflow we work in the construction industry and it plays nice with google services so win win


I’m using Budgie for nearly everything when I’m home. Still there are two exceptions: When I’m recording music I like to do it on a small Mac, which is very comfortable for this purpose without fiddling around with Jack and stuff. And when I’m Geocaching, there is virtually no usable software around to fill my GPS-Tracker with new coords, so I do this with ICaching on my Mac as well. In my office, sadly, I have to work on Windows.

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I recently installed Ubuntu Budgie on my older laptop because it was just too slow with windows 10. I’ve tried linux couple times before but this is really the first time I’ve used it heavily and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I am using this mostly for personal use right now but in the fall I intend to use this as my main school computer. I am able to do almost everything I need but for the few things I need a windows environment for I will remote into my desktop at home.

Once my current laptop finally dies, I plan on getting a new laptop and installing Ubuntu Budgie right away.


Same here - older Dell C2Duo laptop, hate Windows. I’m rocking an old/abandoned work Wacom, and now I’ve got a great laptop to draw my hobby comics. (Krita and Inkscape) I’ve been trying MATE and KDE, and they both fight me. Looks great! Keep it up.

FYI, when geocaching, I found you pull down the co-ordinate file and load it directly onto the GPS device plugged into the laptop -Apple disallowed the Garmin NPAPI plugin years ago. I never had any success with iCaching.

Brandnew laptop here :slight_smile: using it for development and everything, both privately and professionaly, what you would use a laptop for. Several desktops, same story.


Main work desktop. API programming, network engineering, server administration, etc.

Both business and Personal.

I purchased a Beelink AP34 Pro Mini PC. This is a $159 Win10 PC that sits by my TV and allows me to stream whatever I like. Quad Core Apollo Lake Celeron with 6GBs of RAM.

Windows 10 works… but it is strained. The OS eats up 2GBs by itself and if you ask it do open Firefox with 3 busy pages and Librewriter and LibreCalc at once – you can tell it’s not happy about it.

I tried my first dual boot EVER with Budgie. The system only needs 1GB of RAM and allows that same scenario without registering a complaint. It’s scary because of simple desktop usage (mail, surfing, light office work) it’s got to be within Core i3 speed range. Fanless PC the size of child’s sandwich.

So my use was to see if I could speed up this little guy. Success.

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I use Budgie to surf the web everydays, tweak images with gimp, search and try new software and learn how it works (I like that), test themes and icons, learn and try command lines and improve the use. Do, undo, redo, re-redo, re-undo, de-re-undo etc.

I use Budgie for daily work (word, excel), internet, games, programming, streaming and stuff for university.

Hi all.

I just jumped from ubuntu studio to ubuntu vanilla, since studio has no LTS distro now (they are restructuring the project). I like Gnome a lot, but am not so keen on Canonicals “unity-cation” of Gnome. That’s why I switched to Budgie on my desktop (but I still use Gnome on my lap, since it has a touchscreen and I get a really good experience with it).

So far it has been a great experience, I love the Global Menu and Pixel Saver applets, and really like how it looks.

I love how you can resize 2 windows at the same time.

And as for what I am using Ubuntu Budgie for, video editing, graphic design, and Blender 3D.

Also, gaming. A lot of gaming.

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Hi there. I am using UB for everything. Like so many, I really dislike Windows and switched to Ubuntu about 3 years ago. Loved it from the beginning.

I started with Linux Mint desktop (looks too much like Windows, great for starters, though), switched to KDE (takes too much time to configure), to Gnome (extensions biting each other) and then to Budgie.
Here is where I have stayed for the last 18 months or so.

I like the looks of Budgie and its usability and it’s so easy to configure. I am not into gaming, so I use for work, like documents and spreadsheets and for my hobby, that is: coding. I love linux … and budgie …

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My older coworker came in with a Gateway laptop w Vista (!!!), wanted to know about upgrading it, and I showed him Mint/Ubuntu Budgie - UB installed today.

I think he still has some hardware issues with his internal speaker, (Vista, Mint and Budgie all failed) but the desktop works super-fast, and he’s pleased as punch… lots of hand holding though. LOTS of questions, mainly about being able to run Windows .exe apps… (sigh.)

Have been following Solus and Budgie development since 2016. Ubuntu based distros never behaved well so I used Manjaro for well over a year during my last high school year in IT course. Tried all Desktop environments, Budgie fit every need but had some bugs I couldn’t get pass. Recently heard of Solus 4 and Budgie 10.5 update, tried Solus 4 but it wouldn’t even boot from a USB drive so I tried Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 and it’s absolutely fabulous.
Due to old hardware I’m limited to web browsing and not a whole lot more.