Hello, I'm really interested in the development of Budgie Desktop

Hello, I’m really interested in the development of Budgie Desktop.
I’ve long been looking for a good desktop environment to introduce my family and friends to Linux. However, every commonly used DE somehow disappointed me. In short:

  • Plasma: Bloated, ugly if you don’t spend a lot of time customizing it and you know what you are doing, not noob-fiendly, config files everywhere.
  • LXDE, XFCE, Mate, Cinnamon: Old looking, doesn’t visually attract attention, not much innovation.
  • Gnome: Doesn’t feel like it’s been designed for PC. At least not for people who come from Windows (+90% of PC users).

So, after looking for a while for a solution, I’ve recently found Budgie (doesn’t work in Arch, but I’m in a Virtual machine), and I like what I see. Clean and modern design, lightweight, powerful, and seems like you are putting a lot of effort on it.
However, Budgie is not perfect. I have again the feeling that it’s designed for macOS users, like almost everything in Linux. The only 4 applets I, and more people who wants a Windows-like panel, use aren’t really powerful. Not for a bottom panel.

Two days ago I saw in a post that you are open to ideas for the next UB version, and it encouraged me to login and ask for some features I think are missing. But, if I’m not mistaken, the next actualization is far, and I’m worried you don’t have resources enough to implement most of the ideas people is proposing. Specially after fossfreedom comments about having talented developers.
Is there any way to see how are you doing? How are donations doing? I know you do this for free and probably while you are working in your real job.

As I’m not a programmer, I can’t help you but with donations, translations and bug reports. That’s why I wanted to thank you here for your project. I like your idea of what a good DE is and looks like, and I hope you keep improving it until you become the most used DE.

Good luck!

aloha @Deslucido as a matter of fact we are currently looking for translators in terms of our webpage and documentation.

so - if you are interested - we could find an area of contribution for you. just get back to me :wink:

Regards @tuxlion
(Chairman of UB-PR-Management)

I disagree UB is focusing on MacOS users/look and I hope I am right. The out of the box configuration with the dock is Mac like but that’s it.

Remove the dock, add Panel (to the Left side since screens have more area in width) and add Icon Task List. There is your Windows experience. Add the regular icons that are in Top Panel and remove Top Panel. Voila.

Otherwise I recently heard of DDE. Maybe that’s something for you.

Don’t forget its even easier now to choose your default layout - including the “windows experience” aka Redmond via Menu - Budgie themes & layouts.

Devs, please dont ever consider removing the Mac-Look.
The option as Zilexa describes is there to change to ‘standard’ UI, which possibly be more automated, but I personally believe there is a very good reason for the Mac like GUI and it attracts others/new users.
Makes for a simple, attractive and consistent interface and also is more unique eg search for Mac-like Linux and there are what maybe 10 variants?

I totally agree with OP though on donations. For those reading this, when you think of something that is totally nice about UbuntuBudgie, just buy them a beer. Even a few dollars with a few thousand users turns into a reasonable income, without donors Budgie might fly away (pun of personal opinion).
Cheers, Al.