Suggestion for Ubuntu Budgie

I just wanted to know if anyone here will be interested in positioning Ubuntu Budgie as a haven for those who hate Gnome-shell on the default Ubuntu. What I humbly suggest is that Ubuntu Budgie, by default get rid of all enabled applets, custom theming (gtk,icons,plymouth) and follow Ubuntu’s design thus allowing Budgie desktop to look as elegant as it looks in Solus.
This would benifit all who want a traditional,modern desktop on the Ubuntu ecosystem.
Budgie Desktop fits nice with the Gnome apps and we should bring back Nautilus too…
I suggest Ubuntu Budgie use the default plymouth & Gtk (Yaru) theme from Ubuntu but with a blue accent maybe?!!!? The desktop should look like it does in solus but feel Ubuntuish in everyway.
This would allow people to focus more on developing budgie desktop and applets more.

I am not sure I fully get what you mean. None of the applets has anything to do with Gnome, so I don’t get the relation between “a haven for those who hate Gnome-shell on the default Ubuntu” and “get rid of all enabled applets”. Subsequently: “This would allow people to focus more on developing budgie desktop and applets more.” Again, nothing in the applets is in anyway related to Gnome.

I guess what i was saying was to make Ubuntu budgie look like solus while using branding similar to Ubuntu yaru, Plymouth etc. I.e, make Ubuntu budgie look simple by default using all gnome apps. Use less applets by default .
Also getting rid of plank dock. Mostly talking about initial presentation of desktop here. It looks clunky with plank and many applets enabled by default

Hi, @gkr09, welcome to the Ubuntu Budgie forum.

The Budgie team (programmers/ users) actually went a - really - long way to have Budgie look and feel like it does today. Keeping the Plank Dock or not, for example - has been discussed here for some time and the community has decided in favor of it. The same happened with using Nemo over Nautilus. You can follow that discussion here.

It will be hard to have the whole project be adapted to the likings of an individual user.

But if you narrow down your ideas and the community picks up on them, there is always a good chance that some things will be implemented.

One thing that seems questionable to me is positioning Budgie as a Gnome-Hater-Distro. That seems focussing on negativity. I think a project should be based on the things it is good at, and not what another is awful at.


Umm… you may not realise it but budgie desktop defaults do not look like Solus. e.g. top panel is the default.

Solus customise the desktop like all distros do.

Ok. The default plymouth gives the first initial identity. Kind of confusing I would dare to suggest to see a very different logon and desktop after ubuntu plymouth.

Yaru has zero support for budgie styling. It’s a community project so they may be open to support other desktops. But like all community projects, people need to be willing to invest the time doing the work to make it happen. So asking is the first step. Doing is the follow on.

Actually I have no wish to make ours look like any other. It needs it’s own defaults. I happen to like ours and not like others.

I am though very interested in implementing a layouts idea to give a one/two click method to switch the positioning of panels and which applets are seen. Very interesting mini project if anyone is interested.

This doesnt really add up to me. I dont see the 2+2=4 thought pattern here.

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It seems to work except for not respecting panel transparency settings.

I am also interested in the layout project (Ubuntu Mate has one), but I don’t know how to use code (whether through an API or a CLI) to move around panels, change themes/applets…

No, we shouldn’t change our GTK theme and everything. Budgie looks much more elegant on Ubuntu Budgie than on Solus, IMHO.