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Show us your Budgie Desktop


Hi everyone,

Are you enjoying your Ubuntu Budgie desktop? Want to share your desktop config with other users or show it off to others? Then this thread is right place for you.

You can write what icons and theme you are using as well the wallpaper, if it is freely available, for other users that may be interested to emulate what you’ve done.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done with you Ubuntu Budgie desktops :slight_smile:


Nothing very fancy but here it is.
JF MTL Canada


With Variety wallpaper changer


Utilizing the Canta-dark-compact theme with the numix-circle icon pack, plank background preference set to transparent, the top dock is set to dock mode under the budgie desktop settings. background was found on google images during one of my random wallpaper collection sprees, it’s jsut a skull and crossbones with an ubuntu sign where the skull normally is. My new user restrictions won’t let me upload two images in one post


Mine is kind of boring. HAHA

Theme: Pocillo-dark-slim
Icons: Papirus-Adapta-Nokto
Cursors: Breeze cursors

Ditched the dock, added the budgie logo for my menu.


Testing the waters on 18.04. I haven’t changed much besides the wallpaper and disabled some applets so far.


Hey @jfbourdeau ! What app did you add to the bottom bar to get the window switcher? I’ve been looking for this but can’t find it!



Task List Applet, but I would recommend you use " Icon Task List " it’s doing a better job.
With Icon Task List Applet, the name of the apps won’t show but if you mouse over it, it will

Task List applet is not perfect, when you have too many apps open, the icon on the right ( system tray : Time, network or other) if you have some, will be pushed away out of the scree…

Try you’ll see what I mean

And " Icon Task List " does a great job… You can also " pin " icon at the bottom right, so it become a way to launch the app too, there is a thin blue line under the icon if you’re wondering if it’s an open app or simple " Pin app icon"

PLay with it




@sothis6881 Really like that wallpaper, goes very well with the icons. Is it publicly available?


Widgets theme - Arc Darker
Icon theme - Numix Circle


Hey, thanks! I can’t recall where I found it, but a quick reverse picture look up and found it here


Awesome, thanks @sothis6881!


Love the wallpaper … do you still have it? Can it be uploaded?


My current setup. If you have a question not listed in the $: neofetch info, please just ask and I’ll reply :slight_smile:
Oh, that’s Cairo Dock, not Plank [more options to tweak! Which is something I LOVE to do hehehe]


Simple and minimalist.



I guess I should include mine as original poster, so here it goes:


What theme is that? and can you link the background image?


Theme. Adapta Eta --> https://github.com/adapta-project/adapta-gtk-theme
Background --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wbxgWM0WYOT5E3BZPSvrLr-fqAsvnB1L/view?usp=sharing


My new Budgie Desktop:

Theme : Adapta-eta --> https://github.com/adapta-project/adapta-gtk-theme
Icons: Pop OS Icon theme --> https://github.com/pop-os/icon-theme
Background Desktop: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MC-PIphshNuFPxBPuHtiTNiOYN05k9vg/view?usp=sharing
Background terminal: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EaYUn8Lxv6Fiz9WerCjppb8FJ3ymM2aS/view?usp=sharing