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Show us your Budgie Desktop


This Desktop is for old people like me LOL ( 50)


I am not old. I’m 16 years old. But I still love space invaders



Which theme is it ?
Tks ! Beautiful picture


Arc-Darker for windows and decorations & pocillo for icons, but for some applications I did use my own icons … like those visible in the Plank Doc :wink:


Materia Theme, Numix Circle Icons
Plank Transparent on Left


cool - UB Logo in ascii form!


For what reason do you use Fish as shell in stead of Dash (Debian) or Bash ?


I use zsh actually. Neofetch reports it as fish for some reason.


Fish is amazing. It’s my go to.


I’ve got Ubuntu Budgie on my Zenbook 3 Deluxe and it’s been excellent so far! :smile:


Here is mine.


Pretty standard and clean here.
From Budgie Themes I select Material Design (Adapta), that also gives me Papirus for the icons.
I usually install oxygen-cursor-theme that I like a lot.
Wallpaper came from a Google search, but I also regularly check interfacelift.com for new ones.


I made mine look a like to Mac. Ubuntu Budgie dressed as a Mac

  • Sierra soild light theme
  • MacOSX icons + add some other Mac icon
  • some MacOSx wallpapers
  • slingscold menu
  • Placmank theme for plank look


It’s a work in progress, only started a hour or 2 ago on it and this is my first day actually using Budgie, the screenshot shows my up-time or in this case, total use time. Am making a Budgie theme for my TV computer, so it has some other styling then a typical desktop for this very reason. Right now it runs on my default (ancient) iMac for development purposes.

Second screenshot shows a white theme Tilix which works slightly better for a tv setup, at least on my screen. To recreate simply put light theme on Tilix, then as profile solarized light, change background to white with ~90% alpha.

Stuff used:
Cursor: Breeze (apt install breeze-cursor-theme)
Font: Roboto (apt install fonts-roboto)
Icons: Papirus (placeholder, haven’t really looked at icons much for this build yet)
GTK base: Lavender-Light-Compact (https://github.com/vinceliuice/Lavender-theme)
Wallpaper: Default, do a fresh install to get this amazing wallpaper, what could go wrong

Custom CSS
The GTK is just a baseline I used for the fact that it’s mostly white and thus easy to theme. The symbols and buttons are pretty much perfect for what I like and that saves me making a load of them in Inkscape, although I might scale them up a bit depending on how hard it is to see them from ~3meter.

Am fine with sharing code on it if requested, it’s nothing special so rather answer a question if you have one, so you can do it yourself instead of copy-pasta. Part of CSS (panels) visible in screenshot to help you along the way if it’s panels your after.





I recently came from Windows so I made the bottom panel look and behave similar. The System Monitor applet is probably my favorite, since you can add custom formatting and sensors (like GPU temperature).


2 hours after first install


@sothis6881 @mavask71 Love both of your wallpapers. Where’d you get them?