Quick Poll - Plank or no Plank

It has been a very long time since we asked this question … since the inception of 16.04 budgie-remix …

So the question is “Plank or No Plank” - So what do you think for the initial look and feel? Let us know and we’ll reflect your decision in 19.04 Ubuntu Budgie

  • Plank Vertical (Left Hand Side)
  • Plank Horizontal
  • No Plank - Icon Task List Applet in panel

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Hi Guys, keep the dock & here’s a few plank themes I’ve made to go with my own install to match Adapta, Arc, Materia etc.

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nice project :slight_smile: … now I am wondering if there is a way to get your good work out to end-users with just one click… budgie-welcome?

Mate, was just me being anally retentive because the bundled themes aren’t great for plank. I honestly did a dock for every theme available for download on 18.04 like Evopop, Vimix etc, I can’t bloody find em! Listen, fill your boots, download and add to the install of plank themes. I will either find or redo the rest. I’d totally forgotten to put up on your G+.

I honestly don’t think that would be the best option, in this particular case, it’s not like they’re GTK or icon themes that would expontentially grow the ISO size. Plank theme files are tiny text files, simply renamed to .theme literally about 2-3kb per file. If you want me to do them all, I’ll finish and then you can add to the ISO. Let me know if you’ll be adding any other one click GTK themes for 19.04 Budgie Welcome and I will make something for each of them too.

Hello, I just tried out Solus 3.9~ and the budgie desktop they offer. I missed having a dock, and I’m so pleased Ubuntu Budgie has Plank preset. I missed the .deb environment and was disappointed to find out I wouldn’t be able to install the .deb comic book reading app I enjoy so much

Fancy it up if you must, but please keep a dock.

@the8bitnomad, thank you for the Plank themes. I agree with fossfreedom, it would be nice to have these in the repo or a deb to install. Can’t wait to try these out.

@Jason, I have not used Solus, but do they have the option to use Snap apps? I use Mcomix for my comic reader, and they have a Snap app, just fyi.


On the one hand, keeping a dock is a bit like the visual identity of ubuntu budgie and that if you look at screenshots on the net, you can see that many users use them on all OS. On the other hand, creating a second panel as a dock is just as possible, so is additional software really necessary? With all the future inconveniences that this could entail.
Why not an option to round off the corners of a panel in dock mode first?

I used “shade” plank theme for a while.

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Thanks Mate, they’re very easy to make, using Gpick to match the colours etc. I can’t find all the others I’d made for Vimix & Evopop etc, so I will make the rest again and then the devs can add to the repos/ into the ISO, if they so wish, with my pleasure. I will try to vary shapes, spacing, curvature, transparencies and sizes etc to match the GTK themes and to give a bit of variation. This will probably be the last release using GTK, before Ikey switches to QT for the next major release of Budgie DE, so it’s just a stopgap for a bit of extra polish.

Adding these via welcome will not add to the ISO size. Likely just automate the install from the welcome app. A starting point to install… not actually add to the ISO itself.

Yeah, but as I’d said, each .theme file is only about 2-3kb file and wouldn’t effect ISO size anyway. I think it would be easier to just add them into ISO with the other available themes rather than an option in Budgie Welcome. That seems like overkill…


Sorry - misread that previous statement.

@fossfreedom Curious - preferred method?

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Well look…When I get a day off next week, I’ll spend a day making a load. I’m gonna do one to match the POP! GTK theme etc too. I’ll stick them all up on Github and you can do as you wish with them. The whole reason really, that I’d bothered, was because there weren’t any plank themes to match any of the newer bang on-trend, on-point GTK themes that you guys always tastefully included as options in Welcome. The plank themes included looked off though in that respect. However, Plank itself is such a low resource dock and a perfect match for Budgie really. A lot of us still use them…

Responding to all the questions asking why not use panel instead of Plank, for me it is because of a few reasons. Plank is animated which also is functional. When you have a lot of icons in your panel/plank, you have to decrease the size of the icons. Plank lets you use zoom icon when moving over them which helps identify the icons.

Also, Plank has many themes for those users who switch up themes regularly…and not mention, rounded corners which I prefer.

Lastly, the trash can app in Panel is set to a very small size and you can’t increase it, which looks odd against the other icons. I prefer a trashcan in my dock, so for all those reasons, Plank just works.

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Logical to create one source package with one binary package per theme. Then just add to the welcome config file to install the appropriate package.

…Why change it when it works.
It could be chosen from budgie-welcome too.

…yes, it’d be nice if all applets icons had a larger size to fit larger panels.

Regarding Plank… I don’t keep it. It can’t be positioned pixel perfect, it’s a bit of all or nothing. I’d prefer to have more options and settings for native budgie panels :

  • offset/ precise position
  • size ( not only height )
  • click-through or always on top mode ( let’s say I’d like a mini dock for tray/indicators, clock, session on top almost right of my screen but not a 100% width panel… )
  • transparency ( eventually overriding theme )
  • spacers that don’t impact height of panel ( bug ? )

The are so much nice applets to put in there !


Yes, I agree, improving the panel in dock mode can be much more handy and versatile than plank with all the available applets.

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So, I did a quick look at topic Show us your Budgie Desktop and here is a tally.

Left 14
Right 2
Bottom 20
No Plank 7

@makitso You mean topic Plank or no Plank? what is see is quite different?