Use budgies native dock

hey it works…

check it out

Sorry but what’s new here ?

Well when using Budgie Desktop’s native dock instead of Plank, we are saving resources by using the native budgie-panel :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll post a screenshot when I get home

@fossfreedom would this have benefits?

None that I can see. The savings in memory are slight. Plank capabilities greatly outweigh the budgie dock capability

Icon task lists ( + some other applets ) in dock mode might be very nice.

I don’t use plank because it’s not “native” to Budgie, sort of.

There should be some Budgie-Applets designed for plank - DropBy, Main-Menu… I don’t know, to me Plank feels out of place - or lack some precise position settings and “modes” am not sure.

No plank here, only 2 panels.

Ok none is in dock-mode, just to show Plank is no mandatory at all.

Good good. Shows how flexible budgie really is. Customise it to suit your workflow.

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Also, I just noticed, you are a major contributor in the Arc theme upstream :stuck_out_tongue: