Plank not working over Budgie Desktop

Got Budgie Desktop running at top of screen as expect have many, with various applets etc, all good. Wanted to change Plank form being on left side to the top and re-arrange few Desktop applets to suit, can do all of the aforementioned no problem all sits there nicely, but now cant launch anything from Plank, if i move back to left or right then all good as is the bottom. Same thing doesn’t happens if I move BD to the bottom and do same with Plank - is this the way it should be or just the way it is??
Just to add interestingly (or not maybe) the cions of plank are allways showing and only when you run cursor over them they disappear, surely this should be the other way around like it is on the other panels??

Wait … you have a budgie-panel at the top and you’ve placed plank also at the top?

Yeah - I wouldnt expect that to work since both are in conflict as to which gets the “click event”. That fact you managed to get plank and the panel “working” at the bottom is just an odd observation.

If you have the panel at the top (or bottom) and you want to have a launcher - best to use the icon-tasklist applet in your panel - not plank.

I wouldnt expect that to work since both are in conflict as to which gets the “click event”.
This makes sense if panel and plank have no « knowledge » of their relative « depth » order, meaning which one is above, which one is under.

Maybe it’s possible to « workaround » this by using one out of the two in « intelli-hide » mode ? ? ?

See Feature Request: budgie-panel Always On Top, Do Not Reserve Space · Issue #2061 · solus-project/budgie-desktop · GitHub

then it is as expected - i had thought that maybe the “two” were integrated, but can see how they would compete for click event if they are basically overlayed, but odd that it works at the bottom, but anyway it isn’t going to do what i wanted so will stick with what i have.
Thanks for the reply

@Coeur-Noir - well this was my way of thinking initially also that if not integrated (and they aren’t as said) then if the plank one was visible (active) then it would secure the click event and if not then the underlying one would but appreantly not :slight_smile:

Please allow me an intermediate question, just to be on the safe side and for a better understanding of the issue. Which operating system do you use? Ubuntu Budgie or Tuxedo OS? I only ask because, as far as I know, Plank is positioned by default at the bottom of the screen in Ubuntu Budgie, and at the left edge of the screen in Tuxedo OS (see, for example, the screenshots in David’s blog post Tuxedo Pulse 15 from 9 February 2021).


Ubuntu Budgie 20.10 codename groovy

Thank you for your reply. So the problem really has nothing to do with the rather questionable adjustments that Tuxedo has made to the Budgie Desktop.

If I understood you correctly, you would prefer to use a launcher integrated into the Budgie Panel instead of Plank. Is that correct? Then you should follow David’s suggestion and try the Icon Task List applet. If you just want to see what the whole thing looks like, start Budgie Welcome and have a look at the screenshots under Themes & Layouts. Redmond and Traditional Budgie, for example, use the Icon Task List applet by default.

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