Bugged dual monitor alighment

Hello somehow I broke my desktop and now I can’t full screen anything on my left monitor it just has something like a “Dead zone”. It was fine before, but while I was half a sleep I dragged something on my desktop with my mouse and it bugged (I had firefox open). I’m a newbie and I don’t know where to start the fix. (Rebooting did not help)
P.S If I change the monitor positions in the settings (drag left monitor below the left corner of my right monitor) I can use full screen again, but my mouse pointer has to go diagonally up to the top right corner if I want to use my second monitor which is annoying.

Well, multi monitors support is quite a nightmare in Budgie.

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Did you change recently position of the dock ( plank ) or the bottom panel ?
I’d say
⋅ try with plank on far left edge of the biggest screen, on the left,
⋅ and have that left bigger screen as primary monitor ?

By toying with panel and dock positions, and which screen is primary, you should find a setup that works for your workflow, more or less…

I changed everything around and plank was on my secondary monitor with disabled hiding feature.
To fix my issue I moved Plank to my primary monitor (left) enabled Intellihide and moved plank to my secondary monitor again which seems to work as expected now.

Thank you.