Cannot drag windows to my second screen when I locate it over main screen

Hi everyone ! I’ve installed 22.04 budgie, on my work laptop (Thinkpad E14) everything works just fine though I have this issue with my second screen:

I can use my second monitor as long as I locate it next to (to the right or left) my primary screen. If I locate it over my main screen I can see the desktop wallpaper though cannot drag any window there.

Tried with every stack overflow thread I found and could’t fix it, updated mesa drivers (integrated graphic card) , updated ubuntu etc…

any solution ? thanks !

You will need to move the panel from the top to the bottom (or left/right).

In GNOME / Budgie you cannot drag windows through a panel.

So what I do is open budgie-desktop-settings - click on Panel - Settings and change the panel to the bottom.

Then I open budgie-control-center - Displays and make sure by second monitor is located above my laptop screen. I align the monitor to my laptop in Displays on the left hand side so that things like maximising/minimizing on my monitor works correctly.

thanks for the answer ! I see, the main issue is that you cannot drag windows through the panel. I did change the panel position and now it works fine !

Do you know if it will be posible to drag through panel in a future update ? I really liked my top panel haha

It is one of my main targets to investigate in a future update.

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… the alternative is to use intellihide / autohide on the top panel - that works as well.

Personally I like seeing the panel all the time. So best see what works for you for the moment.

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thats a good option as well, thanks for you time !!