Dual display with top panel

Hi there , this is my first post! using budgie for a few months now and like the look and feel. I have now a second monitor connected and i am running into weird issues: I have the second screen on top of the first screen (laptop screen) and when i try to move a window from lower to upper screen it does not work. when i set the panel on autohide it works. but on autohide, the panel always overlays my browsertabs and is very unpredictable. my question is: is there any solution to this vertical setup? is there a shortcut for panel hide maybe that toggles the panel on and off? that would be way more useful than the “intelligent” panel hide in my case. thanks! :slight_smile:

My suggestion here is to have the panel at the bottom of the primary display.

Xorg has a limitation where a panel is in place … nothing can be ‘pushed’ through the fixed space a panel takes up.

As you say auto hide is a workaround.

No a panel cannot be turned off by a key sequence. That would be an in interesting enhancement for someone to work on.

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Hi there, thanks for the answer! I will find a workaround… for now i slightly misalign the two screens in the display setup so i can move things up and down, but it gets a bit messy :wink:

Actually - that’s a really nice bit of lateral thinking!! Congrats :slight_smile: