Can I move the top bar to the second display?

Hi there !

I’m a long time Windows and Linux user, but I keep Windows on my main computer so I can use Lightroom for editing photos (professional) and playing Counter Strike. Still, I’m trying Ubuntu Budgie on a Live USB to see how it works on my main PC cause it looks clean and very fun.

But I wonder if I can switch the top bar to the second display. It seems that it won’t be possible as the display settings manager tells me that the Primary Display contains top bar and activities, but maybe there’s a way to change that (it seems strange to me that a DE does not allow that).

Thank you for your help.

For the moment you need to use Settings - Displays to switch the position of your monitors - just drag the monitor position around.

It won’t change the fact that the primary display will have the top bar on it. I want the top bar to be on the second display.

Its been a long while since I played in this area but I seem to remember there is a black bar above the primary display - you need to drag that to the display that is to be the primary.

This is an old picture I found that should be hopefully reflective of the current capabilities

This work for Gnome but this is not a Budgie feature. The top bar can’t move from the primary screen.

ok - when you have two or more displays you can switch which display is the primary display. If you do that then the panel etc will switch to the new primary display (Settings - Display)

budgie only supports a primary display - so you cannot have a primary display and move that panel to a secondary display.