External monitor configuration issue

I have one external monitor which I like to align to the top of my laptop screen. I also have a top panel each on the laptop screen as well as the external display, for convenience as it prevents too much mouse travel to access quick settings from the panels.

However, when I position the external display above the laptop screen, I am unable to move any window from one screen to another :slight_smile:

Apparently, the panel at the top of the laptop screen prevents windows from moving over. Not only that, after setting the displays one above the other, the dock has also moved just below the top panel.

I have attached a screenshot to show what I mean. The screenshot is an area because Budgie wouldn’t take a screenshot of the whole screen properly (but that’s another post perhaps).


Ouch… Budgie is quite a nightmare regarding multi-monitors setting.

The top panel from the lower screen « blocks » the entire above area, on upper screen.

It’s a known thing but… Panels are kind of walls that define the borders of the usable screen area ( which is a bad idea. )

On lower screen, if you move the top panel to bottom, you should be able to use the whole area above, spanning the two screens.

That may also be linked to which screen is considered as « primary monitor ».

So play with the position of panels and you should find something that fits your needs.

I have dual monitors on my system and what I think is the issue that you might be having is that the screens are only able to be set as side by side in the displays. When I would have my monitors set up to where they are set with my main screen (my monitor) on the left and my secondary screen (my TV) on the right, I am able to drag windows between the 2 of them without any issue. So, what I am thinking might be the case is that even though you have the screens on top of each other, it probably is still setup by the operating system as horizontal instead of vertical.

for budgie the panel issue is actually by design - it is an X-Server thing. Ho Hum.

Some desktops have “worked around” the issue by tracking the cursor when its dragging a window and as it arrives at the panel the panel turns off being a panel with a predefined space. This allows you to move the window over the panel window.

Fair enough - so thats an interesting way to-do things. Just requires someone to implement it…

in the interim a few workarounds.

  1. Move the laptop panel to the bottom - so that you can drag windows up into the monitor screen above the laptop in control-center - displays
  2. change the top panel to be autohide / intelli-hide.
  3. change the primary monitor to be the monitor not the laptop