Windows placed partly outside visible desktop

I have two screens next to each other and the right one is rotated to portrait. This seems to create a problem with window placement. If I open the Tilix preferences, the top of the window is placed outside the screen and I have to Alt+Space -> Move to grab it.


On the other screen, it’s fine. Is there a workaround for this? I’d be thankful for any pointers.


In settings - displays can you drag your second screen down so that the top of both Windows are parallel?

Thanks for your reply. I did and this indeed solves the problem. At the cost of not having the screens set up correctly. So I’d say this is a bug right?


Possibly. I am aware there are a number of multimonitor issues that have been raised upstream … But there hasn’t been any feedback from developers if they regard them as bugs or “well that is just how it works.”

Yeah, I read this and I think it is at least related.

Would you recommend I file another bug?

Well there is no harm to raise the bug report. If the bug triagers thinks it is a duplicate they will close. But it may just be a new issue they are not aware of.

Most often in these circumstances developers find it very difficult to confirm since they don’t have the hardware such as yours to reproduce. So they do depend on people to help out as much as possible even to produce a patch if possible.

Alright, thank you David. Will do. My coding skills do not extend anywhere near window managers but I’ll provide as much input as possible.

Just out of curiousity, does th issue also exist if you only have a panel on the left side of the screen layout?

Just tested this, and it does. No difference in behaviour.

Ah, thanks for trying.