[Solved] Budgie panel showing up in plank

I know I clicked on something incorrectly, but can’t figure out what?

For some reason, I managed to have the plank dock show an icon for Budgie panel.

Right clicking on the icon gives an option to close it, but it doesn’t (which, thinking about it, is probably a good thing)

Where do I go to hide this icon? I know it wasn’t there earlier.

weird - would be very interested how you can reproduce this - but I guess simply logging off and logging in will resolve.

Tried a reboot, but it’s still happening?

Also, clicking on the icon in the dock will aternatively hide/show the top panel.

Very weird… It’s almost acting like a “regular” application.

Here’s a video… https://youtu.be/TN-ODwDcvgk


Just logged out and in again and it’s gone now.

Confused, but elated it’s gone!

I had a similar situation with I ubuntu-mate (19.10) when I was trying it in virtualbox. it happens sometime after editing the panel.

I think it’s a plank problem.