How to delete dock?


Is there a way to delete this dock?

Sure, but how depends on what it is. Is it a panel or a plank dock?

Looking at the screenshot, it “looks” like the default plank.

EDIT - Suggest skipping the uninstall and simply disable as per instructions below.

Completely get rid of it:

* Budgie Menu > Startup Applications
* Look for "Plank" in the list
* Highlight the entry and press the "remove" button
* Close The "Startup Applications" application
* Budgie Menu > Software
* Click the "Installed" tab at the top
* Scroll until you find plank in the list
* Highlight plank and press the "remove" button

Once you reboot it will be gone.

If you want to just hide it in case you ever want to enable it again:

  • Budgie Menu > Startup Applications
  • Look for “Plank” in the list
  • Uncheck the checkbox

At the next reboot, it will be gone. You could recheck that checkbox, and reboot to enable it again.

It just depends on what you mean by “delete”. :slight_smile:

EDIT - Upon further though I recommend that you do not uninstall plank. I believe it is a dependency of other Ubuntu Budgie packages and could inadvertently remove other needed packages. This could cause you some issues. I would just disable the startup of Plank.

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Was actually thinking the other way, think it is a docked panel, although the icons are a bit large for that, but let’s see.

What made me think it was Plank was the fact that none of the panel applets (like none at all), nor the budgie menu exist.

But with that being said it “could” be a secondary panel, or a heavily modified panel.

We will just have to wait for @hdf89shfdfs to confirm.

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Yep it was the default plank. Apologies for not specifying that. I had no idea that was the name.

Your advice worked I just unchecked it off my startup application list.

Thank you!

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