Removed Plank, want minimized apps to tool bar, not hidden

With Solus 4, Budgie desktop operates as regular desktop, I open an App, I see the app, minimize it goes to the bottom tool bar.

Ubuntu Budgie has plank that hides the apps, have to click on plank then click on the app.

I have removed plank from the autostart-up.

how do i get my windows behaving like “normal” minimized down at the bottom? I don’t want the app/program hidden.

Nothing seems obvious, google search doesn’t turn up much.

What am I missing? What need to be installed or modified


Have you added the icon-task-list-applet to your panel?

Fantastic! Problem solved!

Never had to do this with Mate, Cinnamon, or even KDE so was clueless where to begin.

Ubuntu Budgie is set up in a macOS style fashion.

Actually, if they came with a macOS like layout, you’d have to do something very similar too :stuck_out_tongue: