Make UbuntuBudgie look like SolusBudgie?

Greetings all, just started using UbuntuBudgie and so far liking it a lot.

I was curious though, without switching to SolusBudgie how hard would it be to get UbuntuBudgie to look like it?


I’m not really familiar as to how other distro’s have customised budgie-desktop.

I believe (anyone please correct me) by looking at the odd screenshot, Solus Budgie has moved the panel to the bottom, use adapta as its GTK theme, papirus as its icon theme and has a different panel order.

So all of that is very simple to-do. Using budgie-welcome - themes, you can install adapta and it will also install the papirus icon theme and change the fonts + cursor to breeze.

You can move applets around in budgie-settings.

Again in budgie-settings you can untick “Plank” from the autostart list. Don’t forget to add the icon-task list applet.

Hey Foss,

Thanks for the quick response! So I’ve been playing around with the controls, To my top bar I’ve added ‘Icon Task List’ but it seems this can’t be changed easily as to what’s on it. Or am I missing something? Perhaps a way to configure it, as Budgie Desktop Settings says there is no settings available.

Another thing I was curious about, is there a ‘Budgie-Friendly’ task manager I can put on the bar so I can switch between running apps besides using Alt-Tab?


You need to start the app first - then right click the icon that appears and choose the pin option.

You can also drag and drop icons to rearrange (I think - I don’t use the icon task list applet myself).

Sorry - I’ve never investigated other task-managers. Hopefully someone can raise their hands if they have some thoughts on this.

A bit late but you also have :

  • Task list ( for horizontal panel ) the « classic » way
  • Workspace switcher ( intended for virtual desktops but useful for browsing and moving app’s through desktops )