Open window dots

On the bottom panel how do i make it show a dot under the app that is open like in Mac? Right now if I minimize all my windows I can’t tell what programs I have open unless I Alt + Tab. Any other way to see current running windows?


What theme are you using? Budgie desktop needs themes that have budgie specifics such as the dots in the icon tasklist.

If you are using plank, again a theme that has plank theming embedded in in it, or you are using a separate plank specific theme via plank preferences

Matte theme on Plank.

My options are Ubuntu-Mate, Transparent, Matte, GTK+, and Default.

None of those show me a dot for open Windows. How would I add Themes? can I just drop a theme in /usr/share/themes ?

Also this is an installation of Ubuntu Mate 20.04 LTS. I installed the Budge Desktop via:
apt install ubuntu-budgie-desktop

Might there be something else I need to install. The desktop seems to be running fine.

What is the gtk theme you are using?

I installed budgie-welcome and then chose a differenct desktop layout and now it’s working. Thanks.

Mine currently display bars, I can live with it but truth be told I also prefer dots to bars.

Does anybody know how to hack your gtk css to modify this? I would be interested. My GTK theme is already heavily modified, so I only want to know the specific budgie icon task list css specifics.

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If you are referring to the Icon Task List applet (and not Plank), I could be mistaken, but I don’t think you can change the bars to dots for the active app. It looks pretty hard-coded. However, as far as colors go:

@define-color budgie_tasklist_indicator_color
@define-color budgie_tasklist_indicator_color_active
@define-color budgie_tasklist_indicator_color_active_window
@define-color budgie_tasklist_indicator_color_attention