Plank / Alt-Tab and general organization question

Hello, just started using Ubuntu-budgie with 18.10 release. Was U-Gnome and U-Unity before that. Tried Solus but wasn’t quite ready for that big a change.
I was reading this thread Keyboard shortcuts to launch applications in plank? and had a comment but didn’t want to raise the dead.
I think I understand where the OP is coming from. I think he, like me, wants to use plank to navigate active applications without using the mouse. I already have the main menu, don’t really need another one. I read the responses and understand that it would take some development to make that happen. So I went looking for alternatives.
So my question, Alt-Tab is only showing me applications in my current workspace. Is that by design? Is there another quick key combo that would show me all running applications?
Then more generally, how do others navigate running applications without using a mouse?

Thanks for your work, I’m enjoying Budgie!

Correct ALT+Tab only shows apps by current workspace. Would require someone to submit an enhancement upstream to make this configurable.

I’m a mouse user - so cannot really help with your keyboard navigation question. I’m sure others will chime in if they are keyboard aficionados!

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