How to 'Alt+tab' through all the windows present in different workspaces instead of clicking on the icon on dock


Is there anyway to ‘Alt+Tab’ through all the windows opened from different workspaces. Now the only way is to click on the icon on dock to navigate through that specific workspace

Workspace 1 - Opened firefox
Workspace 2 - Opened chrome

Now, the user is present in ‘Workspace 2’ when pressing ‘Alt+Tab’ it shows only chrome no firefox is shown. The only way to navigate back to the opened firefox browser is to click on the firefox icon on dock (Then it will navigate to that workspace i.e., workspace 1)

From main menu, choose previews control > tick “run previews” and “show windows from all workspaces”.


While using ‘Previews’ the desktop becomes slow while switching, is there any normal way without using the ‘Previews’?

If you are using 20.10 or later there is a toggle option for the default switcher in the windows page of budgie desktop settings.

@fossfreedom please can you specify which option should I be enabling for it to work?? Hope i’m looking in the right settings

Attaching the screenshot

The last option shown here - this is from 22.10 BTW

Oh okay. But, I’m on 20.04, let me know if there are any leads. Thanks again