Show new instances of programs in the plank/dock


I really like the dock in Ubuntu Budgie, but I miss an option to display all new instances of web/file browsers. There is a setting in Windows to put new instances in groups or show them all seperately on the task bar and a small preview when I hover the cursor over or when I use alt/tab. That makes navigation a lot easier. Did I miss something or could this be implemented?

Hi and welcome

In your menu look for previews and activate that. This will change your alt tab to show previews of Windows.

In terms of the dock, right click the icon to choose which instance to show.

To answer your question, can previews be added to the dock, sure … the code is readily available and hackable. Just needs someone motivated enough to implement.

Thanks, that worked! I checked all the Budgie-settings menus, then found it in the start menu… duh.

It feels a bit clumsy to right-click and look for the entry every time, but with the previews enabled, alt/tab should do the trick. Thanks for your help!