Expose all windows another way?

Hey all. I am pretty happy with 20.04 for the most part. The only issues I have been able to find are weirdo sometimes it happens weird little things. Two things related to logging in. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to want to give me the login prompt for a bit. Other times it will show you what I had up last when it locked at first, then go to the log in screen. The last thing is that hot corners expose all windows doesn’t want to work just sometimes.

This has made me ask myself if there is another way to execute this function besides hot corners. Like an applet button in the panel I could just click, or a button that could be added to plank?

I understand the following of the GTK3 and hot corners, etc because you can have 4 corner functions. But I have an applet to toggle the desktop in my panel and on plank and like that fine. So I was wondering if it already exists or is possible to do?

Indeed you can create a .desktop file doing the same. The command for previews - show all windows is:
/usr/lib/budgie-previews/previews_triggers hotcorners_all
To toggle desktop with animations btw is:
Please mention if you need any help creating the .desktop file (= button in Plank).

Thank you. I will tinker with that soon and get back to here if I need more pointers.