What applet is missing when I try to select hotcorner 'expose all windows'?

I’m trying out Budgie 18.10, and like it so far! (Have been a user of gnome-shell since the beginning).

When I click on the hotcorners symbol, and select a corner to ‘expose all windows’, it gives me a message that says “Missing Applet, this command depends on ano…” And that’s all I can see.

How do I see specifically which applet is missing?

Ah, that’s the result of the shortening of notifications since 18.10. What you need is windowpreviews :slight_smile:
We need to fix the shorter message / info.

Thanks for the quick response. Looking at the ‘budgie applets’ tool, I see a “Previews Applet”, which is installed. (I do not see anything specifically named “window previews”)

That’s the one. You need to add it to the panel via Budgie Settings. After that, it won’t be visible on the panel (iconles), but it’ll do the job.

Thanks, that fixed it!!!