Window Preview not in applet list

Hi, I’ve just installed Ubuntu 20.04 using USB stick, dual booting, after installing Windows 10.

I have some trouble adding the Window Preview applet: it’s installed, but doesn’t appear in the applet list, when I try to add it to the panel in Budgie Settings.

Alt-Tab switches windows correctly, but without preview, just the application icon.

I’ve tried:

  • applet re-installing and then reboot
  • installing from the same ISO on a Virtual Box virtual machine, but I have the same problem.

I’ve already updated all to the latest version (OS, other software, etc.).

Can anyone help me?

Previews is now an app. It’s not an applet.

Once installed by Menu - Budgie Extras just look in the menu for Previews Controls

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Ouch: I didn’t see this!

It works: thanks a lot! :slight_smile: