Having a problem with switching window

Im totally new to linux , i decided my fist will be Ubuntu budgie , so thanks all it’s really great os <3 .
Im having only one problem with my switching window , i installed widow preview applets but it’s kinda slow , i searched and found alt tab removal delay extension , installed it but still slow .
so i keep using the default alt tab but it will be better if i have a fast preview switching widow ,
any help pls ? ^^

what version of UB are you using?

ty for replying ^^
it’s UBUNTU BUDGIE 18.04.3 LTS


Yes previews under 18.04 is a little slow - kind of depends on the speed of your computer etc.

There isn’t much we can do there - it needed a total rewrite … and that was done in 19.10 - and thus for LTS users such as yourself, you will receive the change in the next LTS release 20.04.1 debuting in July/Aug 2020.

The change is too big to backport for 18.04.

We do have a test daily PPA with the changes for 18.04 - but since you said you are new to linux perhaps PPAs should be avoided until you understand how to recover from various issues PPAs can bring.

When you do have more confidence and are willing to help out with testing etc then the test ppa is

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily
sudo apt upgrade

Remove the previews applet from the panel

Logout and login and enable the new previews though the Menu - Previews

But as I said - only use if you understand the risks that PPAs can bring.

well i read about PPAs, i tried yours and it perfectly works , ty so much @fossfreedom , i really appreciate your help <3 :slight_smile: