Window Preview: Faster Switching?

Hi all. Not a bug but a preference, it is possible the alt-tab switching between window previews could be faster? I think the switch itself is fast, but the animation seems to fade the white border out of the unselected window and fade it in to the selected window. Can the fade be done away with and the switch be immediate?

Also, in a personal preference, the border contrast between unselected and selected windows could be more prominent.

Loving the app otherwise. A huge advance for Budgie. Thanks!

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Hm - I am wondering if that is hard coded. Might be interesting to just be a configurable setting.

The animation depends on How Gtk handles the transition. That is not something I can influence unfortunately. What I see is however that it seems a two-step transition, focus-out on key press, new focus on key-release, which adds to the impression of slow response. I have to refresh my memory and look into the code to see if I can change that. It might be caused by the difference in how the system handles the shortcut (which is the impulse to switch focus) and how the shortcut is set inside the previews window. On the border color: which theme are you using? Possibly there is a css issue.

Using Pocillo theme. If rapidly hitting alt-tab, I’m moving between thumbnailed windows faster than the change in borders is displaying… Can take a video if you need to see and it would help.

Sorry, missed the reply… Video would be great!

No worries. Here is it - First, the standard alt tab slowly, then as fast as I usually do it. Then, Window Expose applet slow (hard to see which is selected), then fast (it’s when it looks like nothing is happening is when I’m hitting alt tab quickly).

BTW, have I gushed how awesome the hot corners applet and skippy-xd are together. So fast, so smooth.
You guys should really take it over…

Hi Iiari. I will see if I can improve it in the next few weeks. As mentioned, it seems a difference in how global keystrokes are triggered (key release) and jumping to the next tile (key press, or the other way around). Need to look into it.
Could I ask to your specs? Apart from what I mentioned, I cannot really reproduce the issue as it occurs in the video.

It’s a Xiaomi Air 13 laptop with an Intel core i5 with Nvidia MX-150 GPU (but using the built-in Intel GPU in the video). I just tried Windows Expose on a different core i7 running Nvidia drivers in Nvidia mode, a 980M, and it does seem a bit faster and better delineated there, so GPU maybe matters? I’ll post full stats later .

One other thing - When doing Shift Alt-Del to go backwards on options in Windows Expose, it brings up the old switcher, and doesn’t go backwards. From the i7:

Your youtube videos do not show here :), apart from the first one. Shift Alt-Del is not an existing shortcut in window previews, but from the old switcher.

Totally agree that this widget needs improved performance.
Just registered to this forum to post the same as this thread already explaining.
In the current implementation, it is not usable. Waiting 1 sec before animation will show what u actually switching.
Anyway thanks for this great applet. It was only one item that stopped me to switch to Budgie. This default switcher. When you don’t know how it works and looks ugly.
Still, no jump to Budgie unless this applet will start work faster.

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@TaurohtaR Could I ask what your hardware specs are? One second is what is takes to switch through a whole screen filled with previews here (and still see where it currently is on the way)

It is i7 6700K overclocked to 4.4, 4 Gb RAM, Samsung 960 Pro NVme SSD, NVidia 970 GTX with proprietary drivers installed.
And it is run under KVM. As I tired of installing new distributions for review and play with fixing boot loaders so I created KVM lab and whatever I want to try I just install in QUEMU KVM.
I dont believe it is virtualization problem. I’m able to play games under Windows VM with almost the same framerate as natively.
Also have bunch of other Linux distributions installed as KVM vms(most of them KDE editions) and no problems with them.
Also I remember I had keyboard autoswitch applet on my laptop i7 6700H, 16Gb RAM, NVme SSD and it was also very slow when I switched applications it has also second or so delay to switch layout. See my comment at
So I guess it is not just performance issue of applets but problem how applets get events notification from the system.

Just as an FYI, I had the same performance issue you did, and I switched to using the skippy-xd expose software activated by the hot corners applet. It’s instantaneously fast. The only issue is it’s unsupported right now. Given how spectacularly useful it is and how well it performs, I’m almost temped to learn programming to take it over myself!

Hi everyone, I’ve just tried Budgie for the first time over the past day, coming from Ubuntu 16 + Unity.

One of the first features I’ve been missing is the lack of window previews. I have several Chrome windows, several Terminal windows, and I want to know to which one to switch. Unity shows window previews on Alt+`. Shouldn’t window previews be built into the DE?

Anyway, I installed the applet but it takes 1 second to even start displaying it after I press Alt+Tab, on a ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th generation, with Core i5 and 16GB RAM. I switch tabs several times a minute. Other times I stay in one application for a longer while, but let’s say I Alt+Tab 5 times a minute on the average. That’s 300 times an hour, so 5 minutes per hour wasted waiting for the window switcher to display. Over the course of a day, that’s more than half an hour wasted. Is this acceptable?

Given that you are an extensive user of alt+tab and previews - I would suggest skippy-xd would be a better solution.