Preview, is not « live » preview?


talking about « alt-tab » with « preview » enabled, on UB 20.04.

I was expecting the preview⋅s to be « live » ( i.e. window playing video or terminal outputs or progress bars ).

It seems actually only still « screenshots » of windows.

Is it expected this way ?


Side-notes :

⋅ is it possible to define the shortcut [ alt +1x_altgr7 ]
as [ alt ] + [ key above tab ] instead of [ key for character1x_altgr7 ] ???
Depending on language and keyboard map, the [1x_altgr7 key ] may be very inaccurate for this shortcut.
It’s the [ 7 è ] key on a french azerty keayboard, quite far from [ tab ].

⋅ that « alt + tab » view is very usable by mouse, even shows the × for closing windows. Is there a way to trigger that view waiting for a mouse-click to terminate ( instead of keyboard action ) ?

Previews is basically just a more visual Alt+Tab together with some much needed extra capabilities to make switching between apps and windows more intuitive.

The visuals update - just not on a frequent basis for videos!

Previews uses a global keybinding method we designed. To remap stuff:

Create a folder called ~/.local/share/budgie-extras-daemon

copy the appropriate .bde found in /usr/share/budgie-extras-daemon into your local folder that you created above.

Edit the command you want in the .bde files that you want to bind the shortcuts with.

Logout and login.

As to “Above tab” - no idea - “`” is above my tab key!

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Yes, on a [en] qwerty keyboard. Not on an [fr] azerty keyboard.

Shortcut should reference to the position of a key on the map ( first key of first row ) and not to the « sign / character » on it ( which position varies on the map depending language ).

Thanks for the tip, I can then change change [ alt ] + [ ` ] for [ alt ] + [ ² ] as [ ² ] is the key above [ tab ] on my keyboard.

Note that above_tab is a correct reference in dconf.

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Oh ! Nice ! then should be how to reference such a shortcut by default, in any language ?

Note, all shortcuts do not need such a reference to position - only the ones using first / last keys of a row.