Can Window Previews - available via Budgie Settings be modified?

I find the the window previews quite good but just a bit too small.
Is it possible to tweak them to make them a bit bigger?

At this time you cannot. The only settings available are to “enable” the app or to “disable” the associated keyboard shortcuts.

@vlijm Is this size hardcoded?

Yeah, atm, the size of the previews is hard-coded. Changing it also effects the previews window itself and the background process. Good question though.

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I’m pretty sure I have already asked that somewhere but can’t find it again…

Regarding the keyboard shortcut, it should map to the key “position” and not to the character, because on non english keyboards ` is not necessarily above tab key.

Or is there a way to set other shortcuts ?

And another thing that disturbs me. We can interact with expose window with mouse ( there’s even a close button on previewed window ) but have to hold the alt key to keep the window on screen.

It’s ok if we see it as a keyboard-only feature, but if it’s also made for mouse usage it’s a little weird.

What I had expected :

  • alt+tab or alt+[above-tab] opens the expose window, which stays on screen without holding any key,
  • keyboard : tab to switch between previewed windows, enter to go to highlighted preview and leave the expose window, esc to leave the expose and go back, maybe alt+esc to close highlighted preview,
  • mouse : well, just hover to highlight and click to go ( or click on the close button to close such window ).

It makes things much easier with mouse, and could also serve if called from panel ( icon or windows tasks list ) in case of grouped app’s… ?

Regarding size of preview, maybe it should be a ratio relative to the screen where expose is displayed ( important in case of multi monitors ). And ideally let the user modify that ratio, wouldn’t a full screen expose be nice ? 100% for full screen, and I assume 25% for minimal size ( of the whole expose window )…

Sorry to come back to this… but the default situation with [ alt + ` ] might be a nightmare for all users of non-english keyboard :wink:

Is there an easy way to change that shortcut ? On a french azerty keyboard the key above tab is ² ( other levels are ³ ¹ ¸ ).