Mission Control like feature?

Hi there ! I really enjoy this new Budgie release, but I was wondering if there is an app or a widget like Skippy for Gnome that would allow to see all the opened applications in thumbnails at the same time when hitting keyboard shortcut (like OS X Mission control does) ? I was using SkippyXD or Compiz on others flavors of Ubuntu, but I can’t find similar functionality in Budgie.

Did you notice the applet window previews? It shows all current windows, either all windows or only active application. It also adds two shortcuts: alt + ` to go through windows of current application, alt + tab for all windows.

Hi there,

We used to have a version of Skippy, however it has not had anyone maintaining it in some time. So it was removed from our install/welcome screen. With that being said, have you checked out the window previews applet? That might scratch your itch.

Thanks for this. I installed the window previews applet, but I can’t get it to work… I really am a noob at Budgie desktop :sweat_smile:

You still need to add the applet from Budgie Settings. After that, you can use them from the two shortcuts I mentioned, or you can activate it from hotcorners :slight_smile:

Done ! Thanks.
In fact it is more an alt + tab on steroids than an Expose like functionality but is but it will do the job :sunglasses:

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Depending on keyboard mapping the alt + ` shortcut is not practical at all :wink:

alt + tab is ok on any keyboard in any language I assume
alt + ` on a french azerty keyboard is not at all the key above tab, it becomes alt + è or 7 which is quite far away from tab key.

Any way I change that shortcut ?

Maybe that should not be linked to the character itself but to the key position ( first letter first row, which is ² here and must be ` on english-US mappings )

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Anyone know if there is something that looks more like mission control? Eg. letting all the apps show up in a nice smaller way? I know there was something on POPos, when you pressed the super-key it gave you a nice overview of all your apps, more like a mission control environment. Because the “preview-applet” doesn’t really give me the same result from what I feel like. It also doesn’t give you a nice overview of the other desktops like Mission Control does (with the smaller windows at the top).

Do you mean something like this?

Not really, I mean something more like this:

So you see all the open apps on the current desktop, and preferably also a smaller window of the other desktops and what they have open. Though I would be happy with just the app overview.

ah - that looks like something provided by skippy-xd - its a package we provide in our backports PPA - no support from the team - it either works or doesn’t work for you.

Really? Is there a way I could install and test it? :slight_smile:

Its been a long while since I used it myself. From memory I think you map a keyboard custom shortcut to the command “skippy-xd --toggle”

You add our backports ppa via budgie-welcome - recommendations or:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie/backports

Then install skippy

sudo apt install skippy-xd
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Thanks, I will test this and see if I get it working.