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Hi. I am using budgie for some time now and I love it. One thing I am missing from gnome is the full screen launcher launchpad. Does anybody know of an alternative? Would that be a suggestions for the future?

if you are into compiling code, the above project may do what you want.

This is what it looks like under UB 18.04

Yes, I am actuality into coding. What I have never done is adapt an application to a newer version of ubuntu. Do you know of any site or documention that would point me into the right direction?

Depends upon what changes you are attempting. Since this is a Vala app - https://valadoc.org/ is an excellent resource with a fantastic search facility.

Generally when compiling you will see “deprecated” type statements - so those source modules calling the deprecated API’s should be investigated eventually.

As you can see in the video - it does seem to run fairly ok on 18.04 … I’m guessing it should also compile under 18.10 as well.

There are various focus type issues when you click on stuff and the focus switches back to where it was previously. That will need debugging - using print(“I am here”); type statements in modules - running in a terminal will then output those print statements so you can see which bit of code is being executed.

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This looks like a good solution, once it has been worked on a bit more. Its very encouraging. In the meantime I am using albert launcher. Which is not full-screen.

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Really cool! I just compiled it (my first time!) It needs some polishing but works great!
I would love to learn coding on vala with this, helping someone. how can I start?

Generally I find just adding simple debug print statements throughout the code - compile and run and seeing the output appear on the command line helps enormously with the understanding of what is going on.

so stderr.printf("Hi I am here"); at the very basic

stderr.printf("Hi I am here and this is the value of this string %s", stringvariable);

stderr.printf("Hi I am here and this is the value of the integer variable %d", intvariable);

As mentioned previously - look at valadoc.org - great videos to watch on the very basics of vala.

thanks! I run linux desktops/servers a long time, Ubuntu Budgie is the best DE I ever used, is clean, fast and works great on what I need for my main device.