ArcMenu Install Possible?

Is it possible to install this on Budgie 19.10? Do GNOME 3 extensions work on Budgie?


GNOME 3 extensions are written for one desktop environment only - GNOME Shell.

They will not work for any other desktop.

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Please see More featured menu @drohm .
I’m trying to work on a menu similar to ArcMenu but am waiting for @fossfreedom’s help as my panel keeps crashing and I have no experience with Vala except for Hello World and a buncha if loops i learned a long time ago

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Hi, I have also tried to work on a slingshot-like launcher for Budgie, but gave up due to difficulties finding code examples and assistance.

If you use Java or Python and run into coding problems, you just search the web for a while or post a query on stackoverflow and solve it quickly.

With Vala, it’s just a pain in the neck. There are only few, often outdated, examples and even fewer communities or experienced programmers you can ask, and I didn’t have the courage to keep posting every little doubt in the Budgie forum.

I don’t know if there a possibility of doing some community development learning for Vala (Vala for dummies).

I must also admit that I am not a professional programmer.

I am not making a Slingshot clone, but by all means Vala is not a popular language and it has less resources to learn. Therefore instead of coding myself, I am combining Raven’s power strip, the Places applet, and the Budgie Menu applet (all in Vala; wish they were in Python or even C).

If you do know Vala, feel free to help however.

You know what’s ironic? ArcMenu just released a Budgie Menu layout yesterday. Yesterday I got the idea to clone it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Documentation on Vala is actually superb. A good start is here:
Classes, methods, signals, it’s all there.
Many, many examples on all kinds of subjects like

Where is documentation of Budgie’s Vala API? Also where can you ask for help?

@codic, yea thats why I was interested in it (saw the article on omgubuntu!). The menu looks like nice and has some features I’d love to test out.

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I’ll drop a couple of pictures … and will say no more (just yet…)


These look great! You know the next question is when can we get our greedy little hands on the goods? :+1:

Looks GREAT! Some feedback:

  • Power Strip
  • Everything as a Layout in a configurable applet
  • Fullscreen layout (like OSX)
  • Windows 10 style layout
  • Places applet or something similar

W/ These changes, we’re ready to go!

Why full screen? When dining in a restaurant, Wouldn’t like my menu spread all over the table, hiding plates and all. One of the mistakes of both Mac and W10 (and Gnome) is making a big thing out of everything, either with overdone, pushy animations or fullscreen presence on things that are just tools.

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When developing I tend towards of “doing something well” rather than “trying to please everyone … and ending pleasing no-one”

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Right, documentation is there. But I don’t k now if someone can learn a programming language exclusively through the documentation. (Probably not my case.)

For example, during my programming efforts I encountered a lot of error messages and the explanation for those was not in the documentation. And not on StackOverflow … many of my post there just went unanswered, or the answers came from people who didn’t have a lot of specific knowledge.

I have also tried several of the examples from the gnome source you mention, only to find that they are outdated and cause compiling errors I was unable to solve on my own.

If this happens in Java, you can find a solution on, or through, the net 99% of the time, because there are so many people who know the language. You can easily work at home and alone. That is definitely not the case with Vala. With Vala, you will probably need a team where you change ideas …

I am actually missing the possibility the learn something by doing (something like a Budgie launcher), a walk-through, and have some technical counseling.

Maybe that’s interesting if you are looking for a possibility to generate a pool of people who are interested in joining the project over the long run. Or maybe just for the fun of it. :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure that that some of those who are part of this discussion-group would enjoy to learn something more detailed about Vala and are in the same position as I am.

Maybe a possibility comes up in the future to join forces. :slight_smile:

As far as my experience goes, syntax has many similarities with other languages, and you don’t need to be an expert so much to get things working.
Converting applets from python to Vala, I could practically keep all structures, classes and methods.
What errors did you run into, using the examples?

Suggest create a topic “I’m stuck with Vala … what do I do now” (!) and we’ll try to answer questions.

Just don’t do mass code dumps in posts! Try to narrow down issues to something small and compile-able - drop into github gists etc.

Yes true, however something configurable is always nice.
@fossfreedom yes that’s why I suggested layouts/options, where someone can easily change the layout they want

That’s something not in scope for what I am looking at.

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Ah alright :stuck_out_tongue:

A power strip would really be useful tho, sure others will agree.

Although it is important to get the base down, once done, I can try to help with that (after learning a bit of Vala)

I am thinking about that … I would personally prefer to create a programmers’ group of some kind to build something in Vala, experimental or real-world, just to get the hang of it.

It is not only coding in Vala that has a very unique feel, but also a the compiling details … with Java, Eclipse build the whole structure for you, automatic imports, code completion and stuff … with Vala you have to do everything yourself.