Is Window Preview still a thing? Or how can I get alt+` to cycle same app windows

I have really strong muscle memory for alt-¬ (above tab) changing windows of same app, how can I get it?

Included with Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 and later is “Windows Previews” that does allow just that - alt tab/reverse alt tab/Above Tab/Reverse Above Tab.

Just search in the menu for “previews” and tick the options you need.

Does the [ ` ] key still depend on language and keyboard mapping ?

In some language the [ ` ] is the [ 7/è ] key above [ Y ],

and not the key above [ Tab ].

It uses the “grave” name - budgie-extras/ at master · UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras · GitHub

How that maps to the different keyboards I don’t know.

Thanks for the swift response, working perfectly now. Was finding references online that were a bit misleading.

Sorry but it’s not the first time I try to bring attention on that matter :
in most AZERTY french keyboards [ ` ] won’t sit above [ Tab ].

Features using keyboard shortcuts using [ Alt + Tab ] and [ Alt + above Tab ] should relate to the position of the key on keyboard ( second row, first column ) and not on the « symbol / letter » on the key ( as ², ` or ¬ won’t have the same position depending on language ).

It’s not so important for other keyboard shortcuts, but for these ones position are their strength.

If it can’t be mapped to position of the key above tab, then user must have the ability to change it :
if [ Alt + ` ] is hard coded, on a french keyboard it should become [ Alt + ² ].

Yes. You have pointed it out before and the answer is still the same.

Yeah I remember. I just thought - if the mapping was based on physical key position instead of logical letter/symbol expected for a key then problem solved for everyone, everywhere.

I am all ears as to what that physical mapping is.

Worth testing if <Alt>Above_Tab or similar works

The scan code for keys before it’s « translated » into a symbol or function ?

Things like 0x29 0xa9 ?

As far as I know its a text based keysym

At least I feel less alone