My alt + tab doesn't work

Sometimes my alt + tab doesn’t work and stay a black square where should the windows be currently open

I am not sure how to imagine what you see, a black square where should the windows be currently open?
Are you using the previews mini-app?

Yes, my problem is like this another:

Ah, I understand. A few questions: After it happens, does the next time work, or do you need to log out/in? Which is your version? (UbuntuBudgie) Are you using the daily ppa?

I use the version 19.10, and I need to logoff / in to restart the applet of previews, and I don’t know which is the ppa diary

I downloaded the file and moved to /usr/lib/budgie-desktop/plugins/budgie-wprviews. I hope that resolves my problem

Not sure what you are doing or did. previews is no more in python, but vala, and is not located in /usr/lib/budgie-desktop/plugins/budgie-wprviews?

before I copy the file to this folder, haven’t been a another file in there, just folders

Mind that previews is not an applet anymore in 19.10, does not need any manual moving, downloading or editing files nor directories. It is a mini- app, installed by default. you just need to activate it from Budgie menu:


oh thanks, but I think he is no appearing in my ubuntu budgie settings, even installed

…Not in Settings, just in the Main menu!

I can’t access the program, it was hided but when I I put not to hide from the menu he just don’t show in my menu. And now even show in the menulibre program

I really have no idea what you did, and I am afraid it is hard to reconstruct. please run /usr/lib/budgie-previews/previews_controls to see if the original control executable is still in place.

It’s in the system, but just can open by the terminal. And what I do with this ?

Please remove (probable) .desktop file named previewscontrol.desktop from ~/.local/share/applications. menulibre probably created a messed up file there. Then immediately log out/in.

ok, I already did it this

And does it work after log out/in?

Yeah, the program of previews control is now in the menu

Ok, I guess all is fixed now.

ok, thank you so much of your help. And I want to parabenise you the team of the developers ubuntu budgie and the new version !