Window switcher bug (minor)

I have clean, updated 19.04 installation and when i switch applications with alt+tab, i get a list of the windows (ie small previews of the actual windows, maybe 300x300) .

When i use shift to go backwards a weird thing happens. I get a second list on top of the first one. This one is smaller (120x120) and has icons, not previews. This new one takes over control until i release shift, or all.

When i release shift first, it switches to the window the second switcher had focused. Also when i release alt+tab first, but then when i release shift last, the old (preview) switcher stays focused. Even weirder, that preview switcher then responds to left and right keys, which it never does otherwise.

I have tried this out on solus which only ever shows the preview switcher and correctly responds to shift for going backwards. So i am assuming this is caused by the ubuntu integrations.

Can anyone confirm this shift effect?

Hmm, sorry to be this chatty, but the issue resolved when i (semi randomly) tried

nohup budgie-panel --reset --replace &

This reminded me that i had actually added the cpu-applet, so not quite clean. But now i added it again and i am back at the icon switching version only, with shift working.

Imho the ghost in the machine was active, at least i have no idea what happened there.

I’m guessing you actually were playing with the windows previews applet as well.

Good guess !! Yes i had the window preview applet running, which runs without a ui (weird)

So the described behavior is repeatable, by switching the window applet on. I would call that behavior with the shift a bug, but at least it’s not a mystery anymore. Thanks