Window switcher only switches between 2 terminals

Hello everyone,
i want to ask if this problem (only switches between 2 terminals) is familiar with your ? I have 4 terminals open and 2 of them are switchable.



Are you referring to previews? If so, just quickly tapping Alt + above_tab will switch between the last two windows, which is the intended behaviour. holding Alt and repeatedly tapping above_tab will cycle through all terminals (or windows of the currently active application).

all correct except that above tab doesn’t cyclle all terminals (4) but just 2 switching back and forth

I don’t understand, you are holding Alt down, right? Then the previews window will stay, cycling through all windows. The previews window closes, or stays visible?

o sorry, no preview enabled , just alt-esc set to window cycling (as above tab normally does)

Ah, ok. The Previews Applet works as described (add from Budgie Settings). The default one is just a built in one from the window manager.

yeah i am wondering why it ony cycles 2 terminal window.

I’m seeing 4 tilix terminals in my switcher …

What terminal software are you using?

What you are showing is the preview app switcher i think. I mean the window switcher which switches between windows of the same applications. No popup icons etc. just alt-esc and it swithes between the windows. Of which on 2 of the 4 are switchable.

alt esc just switches between the last two windows (any application) - it isnt a switcher for just windows of the same app in budgie.

Ok thnx that makes it clear. Any change to get it to switch windows on workspace only switch etc. ? Sensible todo a feature request maybe ?

feature requests go upstream here

To be honest - I don’t remember anyone having requested this previously - but it may have - so please have a quick look through the issues first before creating a new one.

For clarification: what @fossfreedom showed isn’t the previews applet, which might give you what you are looking for. Previews applet is to be activated in Budgie Settings. If not installed, install it via “Applets” (main menu).

AH no thnx ;] i like to switch on highlighted windows instead of icons. Windows selection is ok (per workspace) switching on icons is not what i want (which is switching on the windows itself). Maybe suggest an option to the applet ? To hightlight the window instead of icons ?

Already kind of done, if you are willing to set up:

works as a charm dude ! saved my live for a bit, consider me the budgie fan already. i like plank, stablle applets (contrary to gnomeshelllets), Looks kinda like kde but with nicer, more gnome compatible display. Managing the panel is superb i think.

Ah, greatgreat :slight_smile: glad it works!

yeah me too, thnx. love switching my terms like this. aint not other way etc ;]