Switch between applications on different workspaces


How do I view/switch between applications running on different workspaces? Even though, I see “switch applications” and “switch windows” listed on keyboard customization, they are doing the same thing and are restricted to a single workspace. However, in Gnome Ubuntu background, “switch applications” is workspace agnostic while “switch windows” is restricted to one workspace. Please advise.



[ Ctrl ] + [ Alt ] + [ ← or → ] ?

These switch workspace, so if your applications are not minimized it might be enough.

Or [ Alt ] + [ Tab ], here it shows me all running applications and « jumps » to the matching workspace.


[ Ctrl ] + [ Alt ] + [ ← or → ] helps switching workspaces. But I want to be able to shift without switching workspace as I may not know which workspace an app is on.

[ Alt ] + [ Tab ], here it shows me all running applications on current workspace and not from all workspaces. I have a fresh install of ubuntu budgie 20.0.4.

I tried setting “switch application” and “switch windows” shortcut but observed the outcome for both is the same.

Please advise.

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If I am understanding correctly what you are asking, you can run Budgie Desktop Settings. Under “Windows” there is an option to “Show all windows in tab switcher.”

Alternatively, if you prefer having previews of the windows when you Alt-Tab, you can run “Previews Control” from the menu and enable “Run Previews” and “Show windows of all workspaces.”

With either of these, you should see all open apps, instead of being restricted to the current workspace.