Always on visible workspace : inconsistency?


I did not know how to « title » that, sorry.

In icon task list, if you have more than one workspace, right click on running app’s icon shows « only on this workspace » by default and you can choose « always on visible workspace ».

First issue :

  • you have to do it twice before the check button displays accordingly.



But it works, use workspace switcher applet and see calc always on screen. But…

Second issue :

  • as soon as you use Ctrl+Alt+ → or ← the check button goes back to « only on this workspace » although the « always on visible » feature still runs ok.



…now if you want your app’ back in « only on that workspace » you have to quit and relaunch it. And…

Third issue ( or my misunderstanding ) :

  • switching workspaces with ctrl+alt+arrows keyboard shortcut ends with more than needed workspaces. Let’s say I did not get how that « add workspace » feature works, explanations welcome :wink:

third issue - that is “dynamic workspaces” - ctrl alt + right will automatically create a workspace for you. If you dont use it, ctrl alt + left will delete the workspace. This is capability UB 18.04 specifically added - it is not a upstream budgie desktop capability.

The first two issues - I guess that is either budgie desktop issues - or GNOME based (since budgie uses the GNOME mutter window manager.

« ctrl alt + right will automatically create a workspace for you »
Indeed. And 4 workspaces seem to be the maximum.

« ctrl alt + left will delete the workspace. »
No. It will move you to the previous workspace.

I did not find so far a keyboard shortcut for removing unused workspace.
Only right-click on empty workspace in applet and chose delete.

Maybe an ability to set keyboard shortcuts for that applet would be welcome ?
[ctrl]+[alt]+[← or →] to move through workspaces
[ctrl]+[alt]+[+ or ↑] to add one
[ctrl]+[alt]+[- or ↓] to delete one

( extra question : workspaces slide horizontally. Can they slide vertically ? )

And regarding the first two issues, I should compare with a Gnomish desktop : if it works ok there then we may assume it’s Budgie specific ( it works ok in Unity but it’s compiz there ).


after testing in regular canonical-gnomish Ubuntu, the first two issues are not there. « Only on this workspace » and « always visible » are to be found on right-click on the title bar of window app.