Workspaces and Switcher Disappeared

Hi, I migrated from Mint Cinnamon, my driver for a decade, via the many (dysfunctional) Arch-es to Budgie. I love Linux because of the workspaces BUT my workspaces and switcher disappeared after I had applied different themes incl the MacOS ones.

Can I fix this without losing the Mac look?

Hi - use Menu - Budgie Desktop Settings. Click on the panel on the left side of the window - click the + button and choose “Workspace Switcher” applet. Add this to your panel and place it on the left/center/right side of the panel.

Thanks a lot. So I just need to re-activate it as it did work before. BTW, the panel also doesn’t respond to right-clicks but I’ll see if that improves.

In general right-click is strongly discouraged on budgie-desktop. The reason is “Discoverability” - the hit and miss of things that support right click capability means that people don’t find things.

I was the only freak maybe that ate, drank and slept right-click. Will adapt :upside_down_face:

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