Workspace switching shortcuts not working

I’m running UB 20.04 and when I try to move between workspaces or move applications to other workspaces using keyboard shortcuts, nothing happens! The keyboard shortcuts are set to the default settings. I can only move windows to other workspaces by right clicking on the window title bar and selecting “Move to Another Workspace”.

Also is there an option to make Budgie remember the last workspace an application was in, and run them in that workspace in subsequent runs?

Did you try these ?
[ ctrl ] + [ alt ] + [ ← or → ] for workspaces
| shift ] + [ ctrl ] + [ alt ] + [ ← or → ] for moving windows to another workspace ( beware the visual animation is counter-intuitive. )

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@Coeur-Noir Thank you! It works :tada: :grinning: But the default keyboard shortcuts are set to [ Super ] + Pg Down / Pg Up according to the Settings application! Why the inconsistency and confusion?!

Also do you happen to know how I can make a specific application auto move to a certain workspace? I had this feature on GNOME 3 on Manjaro and it was really helping.

Ha, ha. Because in Budgie workspaces move horizontally, not vertically like in Gnome.

So no inconsistency here, those ( default ) shortcuts are also mentioned in Settings / Keyboard :wink:

For your other question I have very basic usage of workspaces, so I don’t know.

Maybe window-shuffler could help you achieve that ?