Mac keyboard, move application to another workspace

I’ve used Budgie to bring an old Macbook Pro back to life.

Linux and Gnome desktop is new to me. I’ve managed to use the Gnome docs to understand how to switch workspaces but I’m struggling to find the correct keyboard combination to move an application between workspaces.

The Gnome docs say Super + Shift + PageUp/PageDown but this is not working for me. I’ve tried a number of combinations but no joy with this. I can’t find a way to do it with the dock either.


CTRL + ALT + left/right arrows will shift between the workspaces on budgie.
CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + Left/right arrows will shift the current workspace left/right

Have a look in budgie-welcome - getting started - keyboard: the common shortcuts are described there.

Thanks, I’ll check that reference out.