Keyboard shortcuts to launch applications in plank?

How do I set keyboard shortcuts, eg, WIN+1, to launch the first app in plank?
Thank you.

Plank is 3rd party and unfortunately currently doesn’t have the option to set keyboard shortcuts like that.

Go in the " Menu Editor "
COPY the command required the launch the desired application
Go in Keyboard and create a Shortcut with that same command

It’ll do what you want…

" THERE IS ALWAYS A WORKAROUND TO EVERYTHING :slight_smile: " the importance is the result

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Hah, but that’s just the command, not application by its position in Plank :slight_smile:

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well if someone is up to a challenge you could define keyboard shortcuts Win 0 to 9 that calls a custom script. This script looks at gsettings net.launchpad.plank.docks.dock1 - dockitems and depending on which Win number key was used would execute the corresponding dockitem (~/.config/plank/dock1/launchers)

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Yeah, the only thing that is a pity is that there wouldn’t appear numbers on the icons. We could however create an overlay that fits the plank-panel size, but need to see if the result really would fit plank. Easiest would be to make plank do it, but it is Vala, right?

correct - better to-do a visual change in the app itself - the difficulty being is how the app will recognise some sort of “master key such as Meta (press and hold)” that would display numbers - keyboard shortcuts across desktop environments are handled in many different ways.

Yep plank is a vala based app -

Not trying to win the argument but :

Do some of you really change your Plank’s App Shortcuts daily ?
Not me…

So if he creates shortcuts for the 5 or 10 applications he has on the PLank panel, isn’t it doing what he asked ?

and if he add another app or change the “order” of his apps’s shortcuts on Plank, it’s take 10 seconds to make a new shortcut

but my logic is always (for computing or anything in life) the following : :slight_smile:

  • If a concern / question has a major impact or impacting a lot of people, then we need to spend energy solving it. But may be a lot of people would like such a feature, I don’t know…

Else creating keyboard shortcuts will do the job LOL

One day, for my internet company, we had a complicated discussion about something that happened with a customer… Discussion was going out of control and getting technically very complicated and sophisticated…

I asked, " how many times did this happen in the last 11 years with other customers, the answer was one… " It was the end of discussion.

I couldn’t agree with you more :slight_smile:

But we love linux … so there are always different ways to achieve the same outcome. So for example, my method would work for everyone without people trying to work out how to launch an app. Jacobs is the icing on the cake. Your’s is the easiest taking “10 seconds” each :slight_smile:


There is a small app called Arronax, that you can you use to easily create a launcher for any file or application.

The launcher you can then add to Plank with the normal process: Run the app, right-click on the icon in the dock “Keep in Dock” .

Hope that helps.