Autohide - w/Only Bottom Panel and Removing the Dock

On Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 - full install - I just wanted to confirm that I can do this so the desktop just has the bottom panel which can auto hide.

The last time I tried Budgie was on Solus and there was a bug that didn’t allow autohiding the panel if it was on the bottom - so just wanted to confirm this.


Welcome! I remember the phenomenon you describe in the past very well. Currently, I have my panel set to the bottom on Budgie 10.5 on Manjaro (and 10.4 beforehand). With the panel setting on intelligent autohide I’ve found it to flawlessly avoid windows, just as good as it is in KDE or Deepin. I can’t think of any reason the Ubuntu versions should be different.

Thank you, that works for me!

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