Desired panel behavior?

Hi all. On 18.04, how is the panel supposed to behave when set to hide? If I put the panel on the top, it hides in Automatic and Intelligent modes (difficult to tell any difference), and when I move the mouse to the top it shows it, somewhat too sensitively in my opinion (wish there were a push option).

When I move the panel to the bottom, it hides appropriately in both modes, but when I move the pointer to the bottom, it doesn’t show at all in either mode.

What is the desired behavior, and the desired difference between Automatic and Intelligent? Thanks!



I’d like an actual auto-hide option, NOT intelligent, that will hide it even if I don’t have any maximized windows. This sounds like what Automatic is supposed to be, though the usual copy for that is “Always”.

There currently doesn’t appear to be any difference between Intelligent and Automatic. Though perhaps we’re just missing something?

Any help with this would be great. An Always hidden top bar is one of the few UI features missing from this beautiful DE!

If you are referring to the differences between the top and bottom panels - the bottom panel confusion is a known issue upstream. I spy a pull-request upstream that says it resolves it - I haven’t tested it myself though so cannot confirm if it works. As yet it hasn’t been accepted.

Assuming that it is accepted - it will be one of the candidate fixes for both 18.10 and 18.04

I also tried both masking modes and what I can say is that in intelligent mode, the panel appears according to a maximized window or not in the foreground.

Example, intelligent mode: Opened and maximized Firefox, if I open Nautilus not maximized, the panel appears. I quit Nautilus, the panel disappears since Firefox is maximized and returns to the foreground.

In automatic mode, my panel only appears when there are no windows open on my desktop, or just one or more unmaximized windows.

It’s subtle, but there’s a difference.

I hope that’s understandable. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: :grinning:

So, for example, I think KDE calls these versions “Auto-hide” and “Windows can cover.” That seems more like what you’re describing. Plasma, in general, does these far more reliably than Budgie has done in the past, which is one reason I’m using Plasma on the laptop and Budgie on the desktop…