[bug] Panel to Intelligent Hide, Raven moves unwanted to right

Set up a vertical Panel, left side. Configure Notifications to appear left side to match the position of the Panel. This works. Notification popups and Raven appear from the left side.

Now set Panel to Intelligent or Automatic hide. Raven will now appear on the right side instead of left.

Indeed. These are upstream issues that have been reported.

Seems to be zero interest by anyone to contribute a fix or two.

I’d like to fix it but I’m not a developer. Barely understand where to report what bug. I can script a little, although time consuming for me to get it right with lots of trial and error.

I mentioned this a while ago as it bothered me as well.

You need to make one small modification to some file then compile budgie.
Both the modification (where the link gets you to) and the compilation method (go back to first post in the link) are described here:

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