Raven Sidebar on the left

Since Cannonical droped Unity Budgie will probably be my first choice in the future.
I have my desktop arranged with additional left panel and icon task list. Strange thing is when I click on Raven sidebar trigger it shows sidebar next to the left panel, on left side of my screen.


Is this is how it’s meant to be? Shouldn’t be sidebar on the right?

Its a curious piece of logic made by upstream. I’ve never really understood it. I’m sure there is a logical explanation … just not aware what it is.

It is because you are using a left panel that is set never to autohide.

You can set the left panel to intelli hide/autohide then raven will open on the right.

I haven’t seen a request for allowing raven to always open on the right side on the upstream issue tracker. Feel free if you want to raise this

Or just move the raven trigger applet to the left panel … then everything becomes more logical!

Hm, “autohide left panel” … that is not what i want, nor to have raven trigger on the left. OK, I will try with request on upstream.

I searched in issues on the budgie-desktop github and nothing relevant came with « raven » or « raven left » so… https://github.com/solus-project/budgie-desktop/issues/1490

As strange as it looks, it’s intentional and « won’t fix » labeled issue :-/

Ah … well. That means upstream themselves will not fix.

If someone wants to fix this then we can look how best to carry this patch.

My preferred way of fixing it is to add a gsettings key that allows you to say "Yes display on left or no force display on right.

Then in the code at the point where the left or right position is done just check the gsettings key first.

Then a pull request can be made upstream.