Raven sliding in from the left

Hi, I have installed UB 20.10 and it looks very pleasant and is smooth to use.

I am using the DE with two panels now, one at the top and other on the left. I have noticed that when I use the second panel on the left side, the Raven sidebar also slides out from the left.

With the second panel in any other position (bottom, right, top) Raven slides out from the right.

It is an unexpected behavior and I wonder if this is the correct one. :slight_smile:

Yeah. That is expected … at least that is how upstream have designed it.

I have always found that decision very weird personally.

Guess an option to say ‘left’ or ‘right’ could be implemented quite trivially.

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Thanks for your swift reply … should I put this into the wish list for UB?

So upstream dont consider this as an issue.

A guess we can handle a dconf type configuration option. Happy if anyone wants to help with this

I shared a modification I did some months ago in the code for Raven to appear on the left even when the panel is on auto-hide (intelligent or dynamic).

I’m no developer but in the link I point out the file and part in that file where it is decided where and how Raven appears. I guess this would be a start.

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It has been re-opened : https://github.com/solus-project/budgie-desktop/issues/1490#issuecomment-715936493 today !

I saw it, cool, yes …

An enhancement for this has just been merged by upstream.

This will be part of the upcoming budgie desktop v10.5.2 release.

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This is cool news …UB getting ever more perfect. When is the new desktop version due? Can you tell?

estimates tend to be fluid … I hope by the end of the year to ensure packaging/testing/uploading to Debian can occur before their freeze. I’ll also be uploading into a test PPA so that Ubuntu 20.04/20.10/21.04 folks can test as well.

It’s often the little things that make a big difference :slight_smile: